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Education and Access for Women in Federal Contracts
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Give Me 5 Federal Contracting Training Webinars

Give Me 5’s ongoing webinars and regional events bring you the most up-to-date and relevant information on the federal procurement marketplace. Registration for all courses is open to the general public at no charge.

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Give Me 5 Chat: Women Veteran Entrepreneurs

Webinar Presenter: Erica Courtney, President and CEO, 2020VET

Monday, November 27, 2017 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

Understanding Our Market-The Data, Challenges and Purpose

Are you a woman veteran entrepreneur or thinking about it? What do you know about our community in terms of advantages and disadvantages we face as a group? How can you capitalize on your status as well as overcome barriers? This is a great time to be a woman veteran entrepreneur as we are the fastest growing segment by an astonishing 296% due in part to: • a slight increase in women veterans • 40% of veterans are going into business for themselves as compared to the 10% Vietnam era entrepreneurs • positive legislative changes, demand for third party corporate certification • more resources in terms of capital, education and counselling are available However, we face unique challenges that our male veteran counterparts and female business owners do not. Register today to learn the advantages and challenges that women veteran entrepreneurs face and positive opportunities that await them

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Monday, December 4, 2017 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

Understanding Resources Available to You, Decoding the Certification Game and ‘Fast-Tracking’ You Towards Success

If you are a women veteran business owner it is pretty safe to say that you have seen some of the federal or corporate funded training programs available to you. Which are worth your time? As a group we are highly educated, and statistics show we hold more advanced degrees than any other business group demographic. Do we really need more canned basic business courses that don’t capitalize on our strengths and understand us as a community? Often what is missing is peer-peer mentorship. We as women veteran’s are used to tough talk, being mission focused and understand how to overcome adversity. Through entrepreneurship, you have continued purpose; but you must be able to translate your military story into civilian speak and own that power of being a veteran. Register today to learn the tools available to women veteran entrepreneurs, and participate in powerful peer-peer support. Get that fire in your belly, own your story, and Lead from the Front!

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Give Me 5 Chat: Utilizing FPDS Advanced Filters

Guest Speaker: Marc Violante, Director of Federal Market Strategies for the Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 * 2:00 eastern / 1:00 central / 11:00 pacific

It is pretty easy to design a query in FPDS and have it return more than 30,000 results. If the 30,000 results are spot-on then it is a good query. What if, out of the results returned only a few apply? What then? Is it still a good query? The goal of FPDS queries is to generate usable information not just large numbers of results with the hope that some may apply. Applying the concept of Advanced Filters can help users design queries which help to maximize the number of returned items which are directly associated with the user’s interests and focus on providing data that help to answer specific questions.

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Give Me 5: Pricing for Profitability

Webinar Presenter: Marsha Lindquist, President of Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 * 12:00 eastern / 11:00 central / 9:00 pacific

ADVANCED BASICS Imagine you are confident about your best value technical proposal and you’ve put enormous resources into crafting it. You impatiently wait to find out if you won. But you lose. Was price a deciding factor? Pricing strategy is not just about taking the cost and slapping a profit on the numbers. It is an art. In today's environment of lean budgets and strong competition, price is more a factor now than ever before – even if the bid is a best value. Outline: 1. Impacting your G&A – why it matters 2. Know what you money aim is 3. Evolve your project life-cycle through attrition and replacement 4. What should it cost me to do business 5. Bid minimum required

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To help prepare you for Pricing for Profitability, be sure to listen to the webinars below.

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